Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank you Steve

A sad day to start Vijayadasami. It is a day where in India, people initiate kids into life long learning. Ironic that #steve chose to part on same day whom many of us look upto be a professional like him.

Thank You #steve. I am  among countless millions whom you have influenced by everything you are known about.


Your speech of "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" was instrumental in kicking up my entrepreneurial thoughts.

Your stage demeanour and the articles about how you practice for it and the flawless performance although non-imitatable have been a worthy benchmark to look upto.

The few negatives about your attitude and sticking to your ways that came out in publishing domain only reinforced to me that attitude is a good thing.


.You have done so much for an unknown mentee by your public profile.

Just imagining how much you must have taught people who had the ability to work for you and could have observed you. 

For an unknown person from India, you cared to be a role model, mentor, influencer and a idealogue to be the best in what we are.

 #sad #tears #prayers #steve jobs

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