Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Without Love or Care to do

Without Love or Care to our duties, we will never know how the actions hurt others. It is not the indifference that gets others irritated. It is a state chosen to be in, which though a crib, doesn't per se become a concern. What comes out of delegation from an indifference to the job is escapism at expectation of others to do your biddings. This becomes an irritant par expression. Escapism is the state of being a sadist.

All of us are self-centered creatures. In business, we are trained to address "What is in it for Me" as a motivator. This is not a selfish view at the cost of others but a view centered around the accurals for self with the benefit to others.

Not sharing a love or care for doing a duty, is the most depressing human tendency to address.

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