1. Raise Morale
  2. Satisfy the need for appreciation
  3. Give honest feedback genuinely
  4. Take the right actions
  5. Be engaged and engage others
  6. Take Risks for results
  7. Focus and align to a purpose
  8. Manage people with care over projects
  9. Expect processes to deliver results and close deals the right way
  10. Insist on learnings, improvement and adherence to accepted practices. Live every moment and act upon each of these values and adhere to imbibed principles which are never compromised.
  11. Additional One: The key in leadership is to establish a value system and make them the anchor for decision making. Being a transaction and adjusting decisions to tide over crisis or adapt to a changed context without knowing the shifting value system baseline is very managerial and short term.
  12. And one more: Manage your perceptions from other views. They shape you, your ability to instill trust, earn their following and be relevant to their aspirations.
Thus, leadership can be practiced by everyone. All it needs a conviction to state a vision boldly and a passion to deliver the results through people.