Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mental Casting - How we wish to be?

A good way to wish away and break from the constraining thoughts of our context is by taking a leaf from movies. How glee would it be to wish away all the problems, save the world and be a do-gooder super hero in under 3 hours within our own life spheres.

Trying to cast ourselves as the protagonist and figuring out the behaviors, actions, and attitudes could uncover the gaps that we need to work upon to better our own personality and adapt the styles we like to be associated with. 

Coupled with the attitude of working to reach there, the model gains momentum and tangible results make it a worthwhile exercise of starting with mental casting on "how we wish to be".

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Loyalty based on experience

Trust is earned, it is said. Be consistent, allow predictability, have good intent behind deeds, minimize your self interests, probably few may trust their instincts to expect a behavior pattern in any future event thereby expressing their trust in your abilities. 

Trust is thus broken when inconsistent patterns and internal bearings are challenged without reasonable rationale. 

Where and what then is loyalty? Do we earn it like trust or is it a reward in retrospective? Is loyalty proportional to the count of followers among your reports? Is it part exhibit of an internal fear of needing to be associated with a group?, how much is it enforced by society like in marriage?, Does it matter with hierarchy and used as a means for propelling self's goals ahead?, Does leadership require loyalty for moving ahead or is loyalty a selfless act as marketed in a glamorous package? 

Many places of loyalty share the facet that it moves beyond trust, for sure. There needs a connect beyond the regular context and a quite different setting from the primary need of acquaintance and needing each other. There exists a share pattern of assumed "being there" at times of need, knowledge that every other thing will be subsumed at a time we need to be together and more of a comforting around feeling than needing to be proving useful or giving a solution. 

In hindsight it is always an under explained and un-expressed experience to be loyal to some one and have loyalty towards someone we like and love. And it commands the prestige probably because of this quality to remain unexplained and experienced.

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