Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Relationships endure communications

Do relationships endure communications or is it the other way around? 
The levels of communication or the breakdown of it impacts this critical piece in our lives. The communication needs to confide or reach out for courtesy, execute a mandate or a flip-around to check reactions depends on how deep relationships grow. The intent in communication manifest in the message and by the way it is conveyed.   
 For the need to share, socialize, speak, be by the side, we need relationships.  Enduring them in good and bad depends on how we communicate. 
For feedback, coaching, mentoring, change management, project deliveries, sales, it is relationships that endure the communications Communications move around at faster pace where relationships are thicker and lesser are the chances of losing valuable opportunities. 
With various forms to communicate, it might be over-whelming, but the need for relationships would reduce the decision making to use the simplest means to be in touch.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Frailness isn't for the leader

And it is for a purpose. With the levers at disposition and the ability to shore up resources, it is by nature expected that a leader has wise counsel available and uses it.

More than anything else, a leader is trusted by their ability to choose what a wise counsel is and who they are.

How the leader acts is a direct reflection of the strength derived from choosing the right advice.  So an act of meekness and a show of weakness in adversity is not excused with "leaders are human" debate. Such fraillies expose the loneliness, lack of friends and the compromising qualities to the adversaries.

To start listening requires the courage and to choose the counsel we wish to keep than be surrounded by just a popular jest.

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