Saturday, January 24, 2015

5 "KS" Etiquettes to manage small teams

I learnt these simple mantras by observing and working with my earlier boss who is great at building start-ups.
  1. Keep Sharing
  2. Keep Shipping
  3. Keep Improving
  4. Keep Smiling
  5. Keep Simplifying
Following the above, it is possible to achieve what consultants, crack teams, hiring specialists and luxury retreats, all that cost big money, for developing:
A. Strategy (simplify enough to enable clear focus on the vision),
B. Engagement (value differences and still find ingenius ways to co-exist with happiness),
C. Winning Approaches(compete to deliver and become better and better than competition and meet rising expectations of customers),
D. Earning Revenues (Ship often to monetize the work/investment as close to the cost as possible. Small companies need cash flow to stay in business) 
E. Marketing Collateral (Allow teams, peers, customers, industry, end markets discover you and makes it possible to contact you for doing business while teams share knowledge, experiences, successes learnings, R&D experiences and solutions.)

Start living the entrepreneurial spirit!

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