Sunday, January 25, 2009

Case of a CEO - From Execution to Elimination

Try to become not a man of success, but try rather to become a man of value. - Albert Einstein

This is for Ramalinga Raju - Chief Elimination Officer, Satyam.

Many times, such incidents happen. The good thing is capitalism is unaffected unlike a faith shaken or stirred upon due to the irresponsibility of the individual(s) in other spheres (be it religion, political system, Government, society wrong doings, etc - the turmoil is very high and churn it creates is always for bad).

While it looked doom for Satyam employees, my circle tells me that it is not that bad at all. Customers who are happy with the teams want to continue with them and not the company, teams are looking at companies wanting those accounts and are in demand again. Classic supply-demand would determine their future rather than companies taking high moral ground of not recruiting people from that company.

I sincerely wish that the new board hastens to remove "Satyam" the falsified entity and get a fire-birth purified entity in place (cleanse the current top management and all sin-doers at slight suspicion). This is for board members,who are eminent need to ensure their social responsibility - As people still need to know the original dictionary meaning of the word "Satyam" and not the synonym that it stands today (Satyam = Entity that screws up public money for personal greed).

As a tamil saying goes "God closes a door and opens another". It is a new world for Indian IT, employees of erstwhile "Satyam" and Raju - where he still enjoys a cubicle to be free from the hustle-bustle from delivery pressures that all others face.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Instruction Designers Scope of Work

It has been observed that Instruction Designer deliverable stops are storyboard in PPT or Word form.

Post that the instructions that appear in final delivery change multiple hands and the final instructions are delivered by Visual Designers, Integrators, developers. Role of ID literally stops after storyboard discussion except for reviews.

What then happens to copy writing, proof reading, rephrasing points that are part of continous evaluation cycle? How do you fix accountability when there are edits/changes suggested by customer?

Hence ID's in my team, from now on, have agreed to work on storyboard and create text/XML files of instructions to be actually used in the final output. This way they are going to be responsible and accountable for the instruction quality throughout the duration of project. The files are saved with multiple hands working on them. To avoid the saying "Too many cooks...", the cook in our projects will be the master and skill that they are good at.

Visual Designers, Integrators and Developers are not good at instructions, so they stay away from the files that hold the instructions.

Remind me to share the results of the experiment some time later in the year.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

We set a few posts

In the year that just passed.

Few laurels, Few kicks

Am fed up with few -

And want to start anew.

Welcome 2009 as the year of "More Gains for Less pain"


The tides have changed,

Challenges increased,

Risks are multipled,

Expectations have soared

All we need to do

is to make sure we learn to share and share to learn.

Welcome 2009 as the year for "Bonding Experiences"


Where we got hit,

We need to rise.

Where we failed,

We need to pass.

Where we lack,

We need to gain.

Where we drain,

We need to fill.

Where we are asked,

We need to give.

When the world smells peace,

Will we rest our guard.

Oh God - Give us the power and the will.

Welcome 2009 as the year of "Peace Paradise"

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