Thursday, November 11, 2010

Minimal SCRUM learning: 10 important points every SCRUM member should know

  1. Know your team members by name.
  2. Know the project vision and your job (tasks and the end goal).
  3. Stay on course of Sprint. Don't work on other jobs not in the Time box.
  4. Know your team members jobs. You are expected to help out to ensure all tasks in Sprint are completed.
  5. Know the documents you need to read, create and edit: Burn down charts, Impediment log, User Stories.
  6. Know the work you need to present and be confident to present it yourself in stand up meetings.
  7. Be creative to solve problems. You need to estimate your tasks and ensure to finish it within estimated time.
  8. Surface problems with solutions and brainstorm solutions in group.
  9. Pick up jobs nearing completion first and move to your stories later.
  10. When there are dependent stories or pre-cursor implementation required to complete a feature, de-scope an item from sprint log to incorporate the new story inside the sprint. Do not expand the sprint log.
 P.S: This is not what SCRUM mandates.  But with experience in initializing SCRUM in my team, these are the basic blocks to drill down the essence of working in SCRUM way.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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