Sunday, June 8, 2014

10 (+1) steps that worked for me in any escalation management situations

  1. Accept the issue/challenge on an as-informed basis and not probe/cross-question.
  2. Apologise without conditions.
  3. Appear without seeming abdicating
  4. Announce plans, not reasons, problems and past
  5. Analyze process not persons
  6. Own the chain, never leave anyone out. (affected parties, stakeholders - Up, Down and Sideways, Cross domain teams)
  7. Keep relevant the communications for different audiences.
  8. Offer personal services not automated responses
  9. Brief daily with progress report until resolved and back to normal
  10. Position yourself as a vent than to blow back
  11. Bring back your creativity and innovation to de-stress and lighten the environment

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