Saturday, August 30, 2014

First post on Coaching

I wrote this as a feedback in Amazon and realized that it is good as a post with minor edits...
Let me know your feedback

Coaching is a tough subject and act. It spans cognitive, psychology, philosophy, bringing two experiences together and requires calibration in actions according to context and life dynamics of the coachee. Yet mastering these subjects is no good for a coaching career.

Coaching is a person-person interaction that requires
  • Attentive listening, 
  • Building relationships, 
  • Nurturing positive thoughts, 
  • Span new perspectives, 
  • Nudge towards self-realized actions in the coachee 
  • all without authority or responsibility or a formal hierarchy. 

Thus, a coach needs to do all of the above, every single time through
  • Continuous probes, 
  • Constant motivation, 
  • Following a long path for solutions to unravel than just giving them, 
  • Using no coercion tactics, 
  • Influence yet not over-power the coachee.

Being truthful, Holding confidence, Constant intent to help, Deliver messages directly not at the person but at the problem requires constant reminder of the basics.  

This book by Max Landsberg: Tao of Coaching does just that. Coaching is never measured in number of sittings or weighed in hours of meetings. It can be a hallway conversation(like how the book starts), a 20 minute discovery exercise or a structured feedback session and shows how it is needed for both successful people and struggling folks alike. Highly recommended!

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