Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Think, Apply and Work

There are now 3 managers in the team. There are new ideas, new way of learning presentation coming up. All of us vie for the same work team. The team is now saddled with 3 projects and 3 managers requiring them to work their own way.

Think, Apply, and Work is a simple expectation that all managers have from their resources. I like to highlight the way one of my colleague goes about the business of deployment in client location servers.

It is a seemingly simple task for many that involves copy, pasting files from one machine to another, starting/stopping server, testing and occasional recompiling of files with deletion of any history/cache problems.

However,the risk side is forgotten. In case a virus attack or a system crash, it is easy to blame the vendor directly. In face of perception error, it is difficult to defend ourselves and best offense is to accept the possibility and deflect the hate. WIth such risk riding the simple task, the way the colleague approaches this task is as follows:

1. A list is prepared with all files due for the day deployment.

2. After copy paste, they are checked on the server and checklist updated.

3. Each of the files are accessed through their direct links to test for their working. The checklist is updated again.

4. Now the main link is tested for all inter connections of various files. The interaction update in database are tested again.

5. Any clean up of files, data is executed and appropriate entries are entered in the check list. Any recompilation of files, testing them seperately are updated as well.

6. There is no predetermined check list. It is dynamically created as and when every task is completed.

7. All test data have a naming convention to enable easy filtering for deletion.

8.  Many times, source code is tweaked to accomodate last minute requests or changes required based on server configuration. It is important that they are updated back in office SVN. They too are updated in the list and the files are duly copied immediately to the transfer drive.

Can you too work the same way ? Doesn't the above illustration show the love for the job, where thinking the process, applying the process and working on actual tasks are in right mix.

Would you entrust responsibility to such person ?? Well, as long the above way is adhered, I am sending him to client site all alone.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Communication with multiple stakeholders

The biggest challenge faced in my current project is the multi channel communication and the variety of content that need to be dealt with.

Different businesses together are required to own a project part and with no relationship of their users with other business users. Thus, this is still difficult, as one process and one set of styles are not acceptable to the other divisions.

Further more, the integrated team which conceived the project is not the end target audience nor has convinced them about this importance.

Amid such tough challenges and constrained timelines, the only silver lining is creation of another IP within the group.

Hope at end of this project I would be able to post some answers.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Chief of Training

 While covering operations that rebel groups wreak "havoc" the attention goes to the training they received, the person who gave the training and their bio, the rigorousness in the system for induction before their execution. Even, our security agencies have such training methods and are really good and tough creating one of the finest forces and officers in the country.

Recent incidents in mumbai attack, reports say, the executors were in touch with their "trainers" during the execution period.

Cant see the irony still? Many agencies, companies, which do socially constructive work typically see training as a first time, one off activity and a time off process. But be it any rebel groups in various countries, their training is the highest priority and they prepare every time before executing every single job. Training includes initial training, dry runs, collecting requisite information, master plans, back up plans, communication networks. And using this information, they simulate models and try out their plans. Yet, they still, do it in time frame they decide to execute their job.

Even during execution, they ask their trainers what to do next, not your peer or boss on job.

When will training be institutionalized to this degree of being part of day to day execution in socially accepted institutions?

Can corporates make training and development organizations accountable to this degree to ensure the employee success.  If any of the failures are by people, then it should be training department that should be accounted for poor skills in people not able to do business.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

e-Learning companies slug fest


Many of us know that e-Learning professionals in India are connected in a small circle and have got friends in almost all companies. Most of us must have switched between few known specialist companies that we know what projects each company has and works with and the client names. The stamp of past employer style of working can be seen in the output generated, as our style and the company style is more or less merged with the years put in individual organizations. The article though seems to go beyond this one.

Competition is good, and winning is necessary in business. However, it is harmful when employers are beaten hands down with their own work and their own strategy by their own alumni, just that implementation is quicker outside the organization, it originated.

However, when I move to a new organization and I know that my past employers are involved in competition, I would subconciously provide information, that can offer better price points, solutions, and methods to win account. But these go with assumptions based on similar past experiences in these organizations. Does this too constitute unfair competition?

Thinking about it to convince myself with the hypothesis that I feel is right.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Security, Sensitivity, Accountability

Joining chorus with the angry sentiments post Mumbai Taj attack, what would we want our leader class to do?

Roti, Kapda, Makaan have become eternal falsification and sadistic satisfaction realized by elected candidates in stating it election after election. It is a classic case of vision misused and directed way wards for self upliftment at cost of believers. Because winning is proportionate to muscle, money, fear, and closed group  than genuine one by one conscious vote. Does not mean you don't vote. One by one, day by day, it will become the most potent force. Don't you read reports, where ruling class always gets jittery when voter turn out is high?

Looking back all these years, it is clear that the vision now needs change.The same slogan will win many more elections - true, but it is flogging a dead sheep. You will still get wool as much as sheep has.

Recent incidents prove Roti, Kapda, Makaan can all vanish in a moment, however hard you get it. 

What I really need is Security, Sensitivity, Dignity, Accountability from the people seeking votes

Security: Sorely lacking without people, equipments, infrastructure, collaboration. Can any leader have a bolder vision to outline the security strategy for every person in the country. By default, the discussion moves towards their salary and lacunae than creating a vision to eliminate them. Sadly, police force and their families are a solid vote bank lot and hence they too are part of roti, kapda, makaan promise that can be eternally milked by promising them police reforms.

Sensitivity: Can we elect politicians and parties containing such people, who can  be sensible enough to keep quiet and do something along with public than give sound bytes to media. It is good that at least these politicians who mouthed insensitively are asked to resign. Since lack of work experience will be eternal and as a country, we have tolerated them enough and will continue to do so, but lack of sensitivity will spell doom for us all. Does not a political party have such people in every ward, town, city, state whom we can choose?

Dignity: I was listening to ministers and media manager politician speeches to public. Couldn't feel more pungent anytime so far in life.

Cant we have more dignity in "suffering management". Is it more to ask from the very people, we accept to be a minister without asking them for their credential and aim to be accomplished on job?.Cant there be emotional support, psychology counseling centers, medical relief camps, mandatory education admissions in private schools, bonding care by asking corporate's to spend their employees time with people affected directly and indirectly in the calamity? 

When the nation is watching with angst, Can you please NOT READ a prepared speech. Why insult us with a speech which you cant think on your own. WHY CANT YOU SPEAK FROM YOUR HEART ? Why cant you connect? Your own security cordon has a family. They can mouth what people think. All it takes is to ASK them.

Accountability: Only when you do some work, can you be audited, made accountable. Maintaining a clean image, doing nothing seems to be catching fad among our political class. Can the real leader stand up to be made accountable for actions and be fearless in taking action? Rajiv Gandhi ji was fearless when he brought Bofors guns for army, Vajpayee ji was bold when he announced golden quadilateral. They stood scrutiny. They understood accountability for WORK.

Searching for such people still should come from political class. It is easy to say, we must do something. Yes, but when organizations are there (read political parties) to do what we expect, it is their responsibility to come up to expectations and if not, just as business go bust, they too should be de-recognized.

Can the audacious leader become our Shahenshah.

Why I will not Crib any more

When officers in police force can execute their duties under so many constraints, I will contain myself in organization shackles and still be myself.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mumbai Attack -Couple of articles I wish our PM reads (acts)...Really.

I wish I too get to write like them:

Arun Shourie:


 First article, that touched my heart on the attack. Under normal circumstances, the writing would have empowered me, but this time, the enormity of the situation left the article wanting a little more punch. Educatory Value: Thank You.

MJ Akbar: http://www.rediff.com/news/2008/dec/02mumterror-pakistan-will-have-to-pay-a-heavy-price.htm

Very subtly touched the complicacy in dealing with the issue, but article keeps the head and heart straight in doing what is right than what is politically right. Definitely a large sample of Indians would subscribe without a change to a single word. Thank You

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