Sunday, February 17, 2019

Be the giver in 2019

 What I have attained is because someone helped me get it, I wish to be of help to others.
My success multiplied the happiness for my well wishers, I wish to be the well wisher for others success.
I soared high with a mentor to speed me on the runway, I wish to be the mentor to push others on the runway to soar.
I do not want to look beneath to count my luck, rather be the lucky charm to make others as lucky as I have become.
What I understand now about privileges, is by giving it to others, hope I be the giver to a cause.
In a world where abundance is free, you can't get it all, be the giver who shares more than is consumed to become better among the best.
I wish to "Be the giver" in 2019.
What is your wish for 2019?

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Road to Redemption

We shift gears, 
Learn to be agile,
Do the bidding, 

yet we leave a lot to finish.

While we succeed, we also  
hide our scars,
Forget the sacrifices, 

yet we leave a lot to finish.

May the goal be not be to finish, 
But that, we pull up, 
chin up, dust off, 
Get ready to roll, 

And we are eager to start a lot.

Another day, week, month year, 
Set forth our redemption, 
To finish what we should, 
Continue what we need, 
Replenish our souls, mind and body, 
To the greater purpose of our lives.

Happy new year 2018 :)

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Evolved Learning

The one great luck I had in this sabbatical was the nature of the learning evolved. 
Books (published), still are the charm I long for, and the best stress busters.

However, the love for learning makes you cross boundaries every time you come across a great service. 

Three great services I got introduced and subscribed are Kindle, Blinkist and Audible. 

KIndle: Arguably the best reading experience "after" a physical book. The choices, varieties and ease of experience to purchase and sync across devices make it an awesome choice for avid readers. 

Blinkist: I still remain a fan of getAbstract, but blinkist provides similar service at a fraction of the cost. All the summaries are of a definitive length, can be quickly completed while in a coffee shop queue and building your own massive library is "free". Give it a try and you would fall in love with their distilled essence from the books.

Audible: The "gold" subscription is costlier for my standards, yet I tossed a lot to go for this one and only service available at a good standard. Given that nothing beats reading a full book by the authors, this gets your commute and traffic jams enjoyable. If I enjoy a blink, I get a full copy to listen.  The programming, production quality and the narration by professionals and authors themselves makes us long for more drives. I get restless to get on road again just to complete the book. The reproduction in audio format is more appealing given that we could have a multi-tasking attention. Listen in your gym, commute and long flights with eyes rested. 

All the above, transform your smart phone and your car into a learning powerhouse. Don't miss converting your mobile device into a learning junk box and appreciate that commutes are actually our road to self-actualization.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Distractions and the pitfall of the "best"

I have seen distractions play a havoc in my blogging life.

First are the choices in platforms: Blogger, wordpress, typepad which are mainstream blogging tools and then catch up of Facebook, LinkedIn that gives you an audience ecosystem, new age publishing systems like Medium, smaller sites like squarespace and the ever ego to have a branded full fledged paid hosting site of your own.

I don't argue the merits or otherwise for each of them here. When I started looking around, I was consumed to look for the best because I felt my thoughts deserve them.  In this search for the best, stopped doing what I was trying to improve.

What I learnt from all of search is gold.

1. There is merit in the saying "Don't fix what is not broken yet". This suggests that we don't abandon what we do and jump and hop without  a destination in what is "new". 

2. Get comfortable with anything new before making the switch. In hind sight, I could have continued sharing in this platform, while "following" other channels and getting comfortable with the idea to switch. 

3. Change Management matters: I was introduced to this concept in my profession and yes, it applies every where. If I had the desire to switch, the process of change management could have eased me out of the pain. 

4. When in distress, seek to talk: The unfortunate event that happened around this time was that my already small blogger friends circle  pushed themselves away from this endeavor. May be, we all could have benefited from the withdrawal symptoms and reassured each other to refresh and re-look.

5. The calling of "Why" needs to be answered as a mantra: I started blogging by accident and it became my obsessions and then my love. At some time, probably, I couldnt answer  "why" am I spending time here. And should I continue just because I love and dont see value ? The nag eventually gets shriller and gets a shell we live comfortably. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The hiatus that wasn't to be

Have you ever felt the disappearance of Mojo one fine day and struggled to get it back. ?Started wondering why, and erased all memories just as we tend to hide the first crush of our lives that re-surfaces on a sudden event ?

This blog was one such event of my life. After the last post in 2015, I couldn't muster the energy to pick myself up and pen down what I wished to. And eventually my struggles weakened me until this time. 

Outside the blogger life, it has been a hectic journey, lots of new learnings, developed maturity with the onset of older age, overcoming crises and mostly an avid consumer of learning and a reticent contributor. 

Picking up my love once again to blog. Counting on your support to go from here.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Review: Doing What Matters Doing What Matters Doing What Matters

Doing What Matters Doing What Matters Doing What Matters Doing What Matters Doing What Matters Doing What Matters by James Kilts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is often a rare book that resonates with you. The reverberation is so strong that you wish to align with each and every line written as a wisdom that is talking to you.

This is one such wonderful book. I did not just read this book, but learnt it as a text book in university syllabus. I read it, took copious notes of each and every nugget, now have realms of pages of written notes to synthesize frequently.

If there is a practical actionable insightful book to excel in a management role, do not bypass this text.

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Instruction Design: A Process centred outcome or a Creative pursuit

It is a emotionally charged question with no definitive answers, as I realized when I was discussing this with my leadership team in a late evening coffee shop conversation.

The middle road and an easy answer can be that it is art as much as science. A variation of the same is that, while IDs follow a process it is creativity that makes the training package outcomes unique, tailored, relevant and effective. And to think of it, any work, job is always the same. A process is defined and individuals using their thinking skills to deliver unique value in every job that exists in the world.
However, the trigger to this post, is to highlight that when decisions are to be made on people, such middle ground exercise is a danger. Because, people need to be selected, oriented, trained, motivated and given responsibilities to build them up for success. Thus, the leaders and operating teams views matter only if it is either way - so that decisions are consistent and fast.These decision, then determine:
  1. Hiring and selection,
  2. Retaining the right fits, and,
  3. Choosing the type of customer where successful partnerships can be built.
My argument and stand is that, Instruction Design is a pure process driven domain satisfying most (well, almost all) of the needs of corporations and programs commissioned to resolve learning gaps. Supporting my case is:
  1. Analyzing content to meet the learning needs (follow a structured traceability) has to be a process-driven to get solutions in time,
  2. Content/Context/Environment/User devices/time availability and attention span, drives logical decisions for crafting the learning paths/modules, repeating learning objectives and defining interaction patterns, deployment mediums and
  3. The important step of writing instructions, has to be style guide driven, just as in editorial rooms for maintaining standards, consistency, understanding, error-free, audience appropriate, build brand identity, which all has to prove to be successful instructions to drive the learning which is the aim of the whole exercise.
  4. Determination of Learning Object is a collaboration between developer on what can be implemented as a SCO (if made SCORM compliant). 
Having said this, it is important to clarify that the thinking behind all this is not to create a large step by step documented procedure manual and that robots can replace humans in this field. The human mind wins in developing instructions for fellow humans. Over-hyping this piece of a process, probably gives Instruction Design a narrow window of evaluation to prospective talents who could make a successful career. Instruction Designers can be successful, where natural competencies are being good at process management and can deliver good outcome with the reserves of empathy, Learning Agility (mentored on best practices that are available to read aplenty on the SoMe world).

Next time, when you are in job market understand the hiring manager philosophy to your job and if it aligns to the job perception you hold, express your wish. It will save both the manager and individuals from the path of draining the energy and enabling success to reach the business.
I took Instruction Design as an example, as the in-world, in-person discussion happened on the question, which am sure is applicable in any industry, domain, work.

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