Sunday, October 5, 2014

Expectations Mismatch

How can expectations be a mismatch ? Isn't it a misnomer ?

  1. Expectations are a consequence.
  2. Expectations are shared.
  3. Expectations are decided mutually
  4. Expectations are a reward of the future.
  5. Expectations mean a practice that has a precedent and is bound to be met all the time.
  6. Expectations evolve over a period of time
  7. Expectations shape up with change
  8. Expectations get realized by executing a choice
  9. Expectations are distinct possibilities in the realm of reality
  10. Expectations are meant for adequate care of the result and future preparation to live again.

Assumptions are self-focused and self-thoughts. Hence they can be rightly-placed/misplaced, matched/mismatched, negotiated/manipulated, right-on-target/over-estimated, compared, demanded, disoriented, disturbed, denied, non-gratified, disagreed upon. ....

While expectations can be fulfilled, assumptions can only be calibrated.

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