Friday, August 16, 2013

If Data is God...

If Data is God, then

Recording is the ritual
Analysis is a religion
Metrics are the texts and literature
Good KPIs the spirituality

Reporting - the community service
Morphing reality -  the Atheist
Hiding the truth - the disservice
The mirage of "being the best" - The reality

If you can't find God, then there is no Data

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Preparation is better than planning: Where I see the convergence of Lean and SCRUM

One aspect in Lean I have come to appreciate is the ability to be prepared or in an ever "on" state of readiness.

May be, adopting SCRUM model for projects, it was easier for me to relate it this way. One hall mark of agile approach is to see planning as a flexible and an on-going calibration of tasks and schedules instead of a initiation or an initial hand over document expected to be met by teams.

Again to reiterate plans are indeed a part in Agile.

While SCRUM might enable teams to work on flexible plans in projects, Lean pushes the envelope for teams in daily and recurring operations. The best methods of Lean are always and essentially simple.

The hard work is in the rigor of implementation. Reviewing standard work conditions daily, adhering to the tasks as prioritized and planned, adjusting plans while not compromising on essential focus areas as per the target condition definition are critical elements of preparation for any change in plans.

Such teams then, do not wait for plans. They know that they would anyways plan when work comes their way. And until then, they will plan to pull in the work they need.

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