Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where has our fire gone - Missing Love, Passion from work

This is in continuation to my earlier post - Execution Attributes. Few of my friends pointed out to the cold bloodedness implication of the post. They also said, if the fire within is missing, work is considered the same "W O R K".

This Friday late night, we friend colleagues joined together and were rattling our experiences till 3:00AM in morning. The core revolved around only one theme - Where has our fire gone ? Why do we consider work to be work and do not enjoy it anymore. The more we discussed, the more the topic seemed endless.

This post is to correct the impression and put my execution attributes in the title's perspective.

Focus, Discipline, Course Correction is still the mantra for good executor. Becoming the best requires Love, Passion, Learning which leads to enjoyment in work.

How to create the fire in team? Why should the manager instruct and police the team to work on select weekends or late nights ? Cant the team understand the scope of their and others work to make their mind on how to deliver ? Did we -4 some along with other friend colleagues expect the management to tell us what to do ? Didn't we party hard, work hard, and still wanted to be together to do more?

What should we as managers do to bring the team we worked with back in our own lives? Where will people get love, passion to their work and do what they love?

Googling for practical answers.

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