Saturday, June 13, 2009

Make it Visible

My parents have always drilled the fact that hard work pays. Well, they held me in good stead till my first job and my formative years.

After a certain threshold, they do not hold the same weight. More than work, making the work visible, is what pays and rewarded for a long time. Rather, work is to complete the projects/tasks and hard work is to make it visible !! (is it dad/mom?)

A casual chat with my sister also revealed a similar story. Her work is fine, confident, doesn't make mistakes with numbers, the work is strong support and aids well to superiors, but she feels lack of appreciative comments that she needs more often. What our parents said to us, if were true, this couldn't be the exception.

A similar tone was set in today's meeting when our head addressed my team.

"Make it Visible" was again the "parrot line" here.

A common crib was that we are not looking out for international work true to our abilities. If our hard work was to pay for us, then we ought to have scaled up dramatically with just good references created in each of our engagements.

What was lacking is the ability to ask for audience and speak of ourselves to them and give them their benefit. The audience would not come on their own. It took so much time for me to understand this point. You need to seek out your own audience one person, one company, a time to make your own mark.

How ? I am yet to start on this journey. How have you made your work visible to world and what have been your benefits?

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