Sunday, May 16, 2010

Understanding Value and Delivering Meaning: Be a Butterfly

When do you become a good strategist or executioner ?

I always have this habit of taking analogy of caterpillar to butterfly transformation in context of people transformation.
Somehow it serves to drive the message home every time. The analogy is as follows:

  1. Takes small steps and are not quick and efficient.
  2. Do not have good vision. (from Wikipedia)
  3. Are small and get a easy camouflage . Hence symbolize mediocracy and blend with conformity.
  4. Are nimble and can be tossed around. Hence they take no stance of their own.
  5. Body is narrow and can be likened to the area of understanding (or sphere of influence). No good to do a job better.
  6. Caterpillars are voracious feeders and many of them are considered pests in agriculture (from Wikipedia). Would you be one for your company?
Be a butterfly.

Which one would you like to visit: A garden of caterpillars or active multi colored butterflies in a blooming flower garden?

  1. A butterfly bubbles with enthusiasm: It means they can be great team motivators.
  2. A butterfly orients with the movement of sun. They are great to be team players.
  3. A butterfly expands and flaps its wings to move: It means they expand the horizon of thinking and work.
  4. A butterfly carries the nectar with it for long distances: It means they stay till last mile, good troubleshooters and a great collaborator.
  5. A butterfly spreads happiness: At end of delivery and execution, it is the lingering feeling of a job well done and meaningful that stays with you. Thus deliver meaning than just the output.
  6. Butterflies pollinate. They share. They take the best across to create a new better breed of people.

Who are you - Caterpillar or Butterfly ? Who would you want in team: Caterpillars or Butterflies ? Who would be the right choice to lead you: Caterpillar or Butterfly?

Be a butterfly is my opinion. Yours too, I guess.

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