Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Positive Endorsement with SCRUM: Simpler Schedules, Recurring Habits

For a long time, as a manager, when I put together a schedule, releases happened according to a predefined dates or so it seemed. When i looked back to realize the patterns, it was a surprise.

The patterns that emerged from my schedules was that release dates pretty much happened on a certain day of the week. Let us say, Wednesdays is where 70% of my releases were done. Remaining 20% releases always alternate between 2 days. (Say Fridays and Thursdays). But this was arrived after a laborious exercise and arrived after careful considerations of work, tasks and dependencies.

And one rule, that  I usually follow is to not give too much lag between deliveries. This is another important consideration that sustains interest and reduces risk of changes and wild ideas that change course. So the timing between 2 deliverable is consistent and coupled with release dates falling on same day, it is an easy one row schedule that can be set up as a recurring meeting request.

A simpler schedule that can sit on your calendar allows you to develop recurring habit. And this recurring habit ensures you dedicate the time required and it does not accede to other priorities. Further, allowing to set an expectancy date, gives expectations a positive endorsement and looking forward for further conversations. Just make sure that the waiting period is worth it with a new release, new fixes and make it fresh with a good presentation.

SCRUM is a great tool to set up invites. With fixed duration sprints, you always develop the recurring habit to see something new, fresh and ready to ship version that sustains the interest and gives expectations a positive endorsement.

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