Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How does Performance Stay in Agile

This has been my fear ever since adopting SCRUM and have mentioned it earlier. While going "gaga" about agile methodologies adoption and the magical benefits it has instilled in teams and deliveries, there is a fear if it could be sustained and adapted across projects. Part of it stems from my own fear of failure and the new frontiers that I was getting exposed to.

Am starting to see patterns emerge from SCRUM adoption on why it moves from a one time change wonder to a way of leading a disciplined and high performance professional lives.

Once you are in SCRUM, the simple techniques become simpler. The techniques that you practice because of SCRUM mandates become part of routine. Updating Impediment logs, Checking Kanban stickers, daily SCRUM calls, Sprint planning and retrospective meeting all become a habit that promotes

  1. Individuals and Interactions
  2. Client collaboration
  3. Responding to changes and helping along the way
  4. Focus on shippable product deliveries.
So my aha moment came from knowing that it is the methodology that drives the success, but realizing the goals of agile manifesto is the formula for ever lasting success.

Sounded so obvious. But it took me practical implementations and conscious analysis to understand the manifesto better.

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