Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Dad's advice

Well, there were lots. Do this, Don't do this. Do this way, Do I beat you to make you listen (yea, it is allowed in India).
Every step of childhood was a judgmental one. However this is different.  
"Do anything with discipline of time and with your full presence. That will be your recognition and your brand"

How true...

Be it in office: People judge us by the time we make entry and exit time from office, Timing Phone calls, Discussions, Reaching time for meetings, Break timings, all done with a discipline of time really makes people know you better.

Be it in social circles: Time of publishing our tweets, facebook updates, blog posts publishings, hang out with friends, all done with discipline of time really makes your friends look forward to meeting with you. Remember weekly get togethers at a given place and time and how we are eager to get there ?

Be it personal: Time to wife, parents, children, and self – exercise, reflection, thinking, reading all done with discipline of time makes us crave the moments than a haphazard way of spending time multiple ways.

Remember, what we SMS, say with fondness and sublimity, passion and twinkle, to our friends, family and close acquaintances: "I had a great time."/ "I look forward to the times". / "I remember the time…" / “Would want to have those moments back...”

In everything, we remember the time as the primary context and fix the incidents to recall within the context. The incidents that happened in that time are so memorable.

Every time , I realize the statement to be an eternal truth and has a sub-conscious effect on me whenever I get this right. In hindsight, more than achievement, it is satisfaction of a complete day and always ends up on a positive note.

Thanks Dad! Love you!

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