Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Eliciting the phrase as an acknowledgement is the most  difficult task for a manager. Try sending a read receipt, requesting a  confirmation, it is always a miniscule percentage of people who respond  for acknowledgements. This is the lifeline for a manager. To make sure  communications reach all intended recipients and the recipients have  accepted it the way they want it and the way it is expressed.

Oft the information is consumed in 2 seperate streams - Processing for consumption or Processing for Expression. Choosing to do either or both depends on individual personalities and contexts. Driving the messages and channelizing them for an acknowledgement is the hallmark of the managerial profession.

Nods, blank gazes, wriggles, frowns, smiles give us a reality check to our expressions in live setting. It is with same zeal that we need to look for comments, queries, phrases, words that gives the closure to the exchanges.

Typically "call to action" is how experts advice us to complete our communication. While call to action evinces responses from the minority, it is the hard work of reaching out through multiple mediums that makes the acknowledgement come through from the majority of recipients.

To this need, management as a profession will long be alive and important in execution.

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