Saturday, September 13, 2014

How change is perceived - The paradox of Change

Managers and champions of Change, particularly in integration teams tasked with overseeing team merger with diverse cultures, needs, processes, systems, people and standards, need and are expected to:

  1. Be Disciplined, Adaptable & Flexible
  2. Incisive in diagnosis from symptoms,
  3. Take actions with clinical precision,
  4. Address every stakeholder needs truthfully,
  5. Behave pragmatic with people
  6. Insightful to tailor solutions than force fit past practices
  7. Pragmatic with people
  8. Practice being in the context and time and patient
  9. Manage crazy timelines
  10. Keep moving ahead in multiple paths to reach the goal
Paradoxically, every change always is mentioned in attributes of:

  1. Chaos,
  2. Turbulence,
  3. Insecurity,
  4. Lack of Focus,
  5. No clue of what is coming next
  6. Communication breakdowns,
  7. Missing ownerships and accountability,
  8. Unstable working conditions,
  9. Missed family times & Skewed work-life balance,
  10. delays, confusion and lack of clarity
How does change affect you ? Ask your manager what attributes they would associate and you would get the answer. :)

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