Thursday, April 24, 2008

Business for a low cost solution thro Innovation

Recently one of the team's innovation that is operational is to create a decomposed hierarchy file structure for simulation training. The file structure is then assembled through code rather than handcrafting the animation and integration. For more details refer to my last post on Product Action .

This has led to productivity improvements which have improved our lives considerably. Not only the cost of service has come down but the schedule for delivery is also now rapid and is in days for a small size job, which we used to deliver in a month.

You may think this is a good for everyone and organization benefits from it? However, systems thinking gets you a different dimension and a dilemma.

What is in it for a sales person to sell a low cost solution and where volumes are not as high as would be desired?

Why should a sales person prospect, qualify, respond, follow up to get orders worth a few lacs, while allied solutions can be sold at higher cost with exotic technical jargons or SOA, Portals, application migration, AJAX enabled web sites, new Java, .NET technologies, etc?

Well I don't have answer to this yet. Can you tell me what options we can consider?

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