Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

We set a few posts

In the year that just passed.

Few laurels, Few kicks

Am fed up with few -

And want to start anew.

Welcome 2009 as the year of "More Gains for Less pain"


The tides have changed,

Challenges increased,

Risks are multipled,

Expectations have soared

All we need to do

is to make sure we learn to share and share to learn.

Welcome 2009 as the year for "Bonding Experiences"


Where we got hit,

We need to rise.

Where we failed,

We need to pass.

Where we lack,

We need to gain.

Where we drain,

We need to fill.

Where we are asked,

We need to give.

When the world smells peace,

Will we rest our guard.

Oh God - Give us the power and the will.

Welcome 2009 as the year of "Peace Paradise"

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