Sunday, January 11, 2009

Instruction Designers Scope of Work

It has been observed that Instruction Designer deliverable stops are storyboard in PPT or Word form.

Post that the instructions that appear in final delivery change multiple hands and the final instructions are delivered by Visual Designers, Integrators, developers. Role of ID literally stops after storyboard discussion except for reviews.

What then happens to copy writing, proof reading, rephrasing points that are part of continous evaluation cycle? How do you fix accountability when there are edits/changes suggested by customer?

Hence ID's in my team, from now on, have agreed to work on storyboard and create text/XML files of instructions to be actually used in the final output. This way they are going to be responsible and accountable for the instruction quality throughout the duration of project. The files are saved with multiple hands working on them. To avoid the saying "Too many cooks...", the cook in our projects will be the master and skill that they are good at.

Visual Designers, Integrators and Developers are not good at instructions, so they stay away from the files that hold the instructions.

Remind me to share the results of the experiment some time later in the year.

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