Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Operation Theatre

One of life's most rewarding lessons come when you see a new life getting to your hands minutes from the operation theater.

The palpable suspense, the sense of helplessness, the ever positive comfort from every one not controlling the show giving the verdict that it will be a success, the people responsible for deliverance wearing their serious masks and covering it to not unravel their deep suspicions and tiredness, every one waiting with bated breath have only one thing in common: Talk to God and make up for lost time in this most period with full knowledge that you should be doing it daily. Even you make resolutions to do so but they get over ridden later is another blog topic.

What happens when you get the news. You go numb, dumb, smile but do not know what your immediate role was ( although the source was long time back), wait to broadcast, and remember: Stories do get built progressively and you get better and better with every call.

The perfection of the occasion is so immense that you cherish the final story that you did not plan, design or script but just coined and conjured in the moments that you spend with people. for the rest of your life and pass it on to your generation that came from you.

When, ever do you get such an impact, where, the story is gripping and, the game starts immediately after the final result is a success?

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