Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is a good communication ?

What is a good communication ?

There are lots of way to get a point across. The best and most preferred one: TALK.
In professional environment, is it sufficient though ?

When every person in their roles are awarded multiple responsibilities, wouldn't it help, if I remember the context, why,
1. A discussion went a certain way, OR
2. The information and advice provided in taking a decision OR
3. The current problem is linked to my earlier/prior action OR
4. The assumptions, were left unaddressed/unstated during prior meetings ?
5. Did I confuse between my 2 distinct responsibilities when we talked last time ?

TALK is a transient medium. To give credence, it is always required to create a record that leaves a trail to trace, track and find out where the deviations occurred. When things go right, the records give a case study for future team to follow.

Have you noticed that many times, bad news is always learnt through long winding emails ? Is it fear of guilt or fear of retribution ?

Avoiding any of these problems always requires diligence, discipline and detailed record keeping of you, your customer and your customer bosses.

A unknown side effect is that, you will learn to do your duties in more organized manner, as you cannot keep a bad communication in your records.

"Leave a Trail" was my main message in this appraisal cycle.

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