Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The importance of a name and the rise of immediate surfers

My colleague in his blog chronicles his brush with Swine Flu impact. His take on the subject revolves around the hardships of a manager in his daily life.

Since this blog of yours, reflects on project management learning from the trenches, my hope is this post would interest you on these unknown travails in work life.

Today's economic times comment in first page talks about % afflictions being more due to other ailments than this imminent danger.

  1. why the scare,
  2. why the attention,
  3. why the frenzy,
  4. why the advices,
  5. why the chain mails floating around for this particular import product ?
Long time back, I saw photographs of people moving around in masks when SARS was around. Now I get to see it live in action in my own backyard as well.

The lesson on this is that wide and fast spread always gains instant and immediate action/reaction. So when you want your ideas to spread, spread the flu. The name needs to be spread. The details: History, Technicalities, Do's and Dont's will all spiral in various idea nets.

The containment of ideas is only through isolation (as in Flu). Hence ensuring your idea nets are spread wide, they would always be in the air and even weak strains would be able to spread into many clusters.

The rise of immediate surfers is the first big marketing break you need for your existence in the web world. Hence get your ideas in the Flu mode and spread your ideanets wide.

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