Friday, August 7, 2009


My ramblings on ideas becoming memes, viral, and seeing light of day.

Ideas are aplenty. However, there are few that see the light and still few receive sponsorships.Does this mean that few ideas have less power than ones that are implemented ? Although, I would like to believe so, some experiences prove that all ideas are equally good and need to implemented. But it is time, cost and most importantly NEED that determines the power of ideas.

Wait, aren't we missing a vital ingredient here. If time, cost and NEED are the attributes to move an idea to benefit a group, society, business, then every idea shared can be a need for someone at that point of time. If not, this makes me think that there is a nodal point which is essential to make an idea successful. This nodal point is not one single entity. The entity itself is so fragmented yet connected that the power no longer lies in the nodes but in the connectors.

When these connectors with their power transmit an idea, they become "Ideanets" Multiple such ideanets get contribution from each node that the connectors can be thought of fattenning pipes as they progress with force towards a success. The final node that we stop is when it is market ready and in use.

If only we realize that it is another "ideanet" at play and starts from this point onwards and we connect the 2 idea nets that we have a successful business built on ideas.

How to make ideanets possible. Enter social media and their importance. I will reserve this for my next post...

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