Monday, February 1, 2010

e-Learning as experience-breakers

Allied or related field experiences are the No 1 enemy towards acceptance of new models. It brings in prejudices, makes you derive assumptions, and have private unstated preferences that skews project teams and collides in family relationships.

Experience should be to guide you that something new is in store for you every time. The ability to see, grasp and ideate every single opportunity is a great experience by itself. Learning is the only true experience. Finishing a work is easy, since it can be achieved by any resource. But the learning is important and replacing the resource for the task eventually does not replace the learning generated by the resource.

Would you ever treat 2 escalations the same way ? Experience teaches that every situation has its soft and "nuanced handles" that needs careful nudging. We never commit a mistake to break the "handles". Same experiences needs to be carried forward in adoption of new technologies.

This highlights a very persistent personal life point. The way we behave with kids. The way we learnt, way we behaved, way we were conditioned, way of our peers when enforced leads to rebellious mood in kids. It is their life, their uniqueness, their preferences, their peers, their closed vocabulary set, which needs understanding after shedding every shred of our past. After the hard work, patient counseling pays off.

This is not to state that experience is bad. Nor experienced people are stereotypes. Far from it. It is the experience that is disrupted, goes beyond the routine, bypasses the logic and command that brings in true relevant "Aha" learning moments.

In one of my customer's words : "I will consider the e-Learning program a success, if every user of the program gains a new insight after going through the program. They are 5-20+ years experienced people and I need them to get value from the program."

e-Learning applied to these contexts are high performance solutions and are non-replaceable. Creating a curriculum, steps to do a job, teaching a skill extend the same experience as in college or schools and leads e-Learning to become an alternate channel.

How different are you today?

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