Monday, February 22, 2010

Rain Drops, Flood or Sea

Which situation do you like to be in ? 
  • Get wet in rain drops,
  • Wade through floods 
  • Help people or swim in sea
Now, think when in business, what would you prefer ?
  • Drop by drop projects,
  • A deluge of orders
  • Multiple big ticket projects with big customers
Now suggest which challenges excites you ?
  • Sustain and organically add rain drops to get critical mass
  • Brave a flood to reach home safe
  • Swim with the sharks and reach shore safe
I have not entered sea for a long time so far. But have experience in enjoying rain drops and have waded through scary Mumbai roads in floods in night to get home. I certainly prefer rain drops and long innings than a short heroism of winning over floods or be at sea for a long period of time not knowing what I am doing.

What is your personality ?

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