Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A handful of people decide the turn a team has to take and shape the culture legacy of a company.They play:
  1.  A Pied Piper in bringing people out of their desks to take a pleasure trip.
  2.  A bee who can hum a theme and froths the sweetness in people.
  3.  An artist who sweet talks to parting money for a self-aggrandizement with a greater good.
  4. A musician who hears warring sides and plays the mellow tunes.
  5. The crank to perk up a dull set up.
While the above are few of the side kicks that "funabbes" team indulges in, the real kick-in comes when they think customers and think service ease.

True yet simple! - "Ease of services delivered is the best service commandment to learn." Think about providing a "one-touch" button, a clean version for reviews, a neat formatted document, a picture that self explains. These and others may have been proved to come from intrinsic behavior, which I beg to differ. "Motivation" as a word rests on "motives" that by game theory terms requires an overarching self-interest. Rather Funabbes are the small subset who do work for the sake of being so and driven by the social cause to live comfortably in a space of their own creation.

They are the creatives. Another "Perfect Behaviour" that you might require your team members to live with.

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