Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Content Creation, Metadata and Distribution - A Knowledge Capture Framework: Part I

In so many years of professional life, I have seen trends evolve from bandwidth constrained, IT constrained web world to a world where advances in technology, business and experience is driven primarily by creativity limits of individuals and motivated groups bringing in new paradigms of work culture in rapid waveform.

One area, that is "bottleneck" is "quality and expert advised content". This basic context for web world is still constrained across organizations. Most companies going for e-Learning enablement, start gathering content after award of project assuming content is in place. In companies where the website is revamped, the pains to get content from various business heads is untold pathos lore in any company.

Which brings the point. Shouldn't web now evolve better mechanisms to collect content and provide ease of access to content? That then takes higher forms of learning value that e-Learning practitioners can create meaningful learning units for business benefits.

The way to collect content, still is a
  • high cost,
  • time intensive,
  • Specific and limited to company resources and
  • manual dependent task.
While scope for automation is less, you still need a model for fast tracked, cost effective and time wrapped content creation and gathering. So what is the respite.

The only way, I can look forward is to have an understanding of the knowledge capture framework and factor in the time, resources, efforts with execution attributes.

Continued in next post...

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