Friday, September 17, 2010

Learning Doing Gap: The bridge is to "OWN"


learning doing gap

Learning Prerequisites:

Reading: Books, Journals, Articles, Listening to experts, Blogs: >>> Remember Extracts:>>> Repeat in "OWN" context.

Observing: Self:>>> Others:>>> Assess your characteristic:>>> Imbibe what you need:>>> Make it your "OWN".


Doing Prerequisities:

Visualizing: Dream: Immerse: "OWN" the Space and Moment

Practicing: Concious Effort: Sub Concious Automatic effortless work: Habituate : Be on your "OWN"

You can check for the above discrete and diverse elements in each of the tasks you are good at: Check their appearance in your abilities of

1. Driving

2. Daily duties

3. Managing your calendar

4. Social Interactions

these 4 elements manifest in closing the learning-doing gap. This is a reason why ROI of training or e-Learning programs are hard to be defined. As you can envision, learning-doing gap is measured for individuals as "degree of closeness" between learning and doing the tasks than a single defined number. 

Thus, a good ROI for a training or learning program is to check the % of users who have successfully bridged the learning-doing gap and it is dependent on quality of resources (people, training programs, environment, personal time) that an organization is willing to nurture.

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