Monday, September 27, 2010

Emotions of a farewell

Organizations do either of 2 things when an employee gets into exit mode.
  1. They make it difficult and screw the moment turning seperation into a partition.
  2. They make it memorable, emotional and spread the positive word through the alumni.
We are used to #2 so much in our school and college days, that our dear professors are attuned year after year.
We don't even know that #1 exists, until it happens. In my earlier organization, there was a conscious effort to practice #2.

Whatever be the reasons, exit is a painful decision. But should the journey be so? At the end of the day, each of us in employment are faced with the same prospect. It is rather better to make farewell an attached moment and memory-etched.

Make sure, your team gets together to speak about the highlights. Expense a tea and brownies to indulge in some informal talks.
Give a gift. Our standard is to get a greeting card with sign of all team members wishes.

Exit process is a transaction. See beyond to still keep the option to get together in same or different setting for better business proposition.

How do you manage exit processes in your teams ?

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