Friday, October 15, 2010

Informal Learning Platforms: The richness is Exchange

In my economics subject in MBA, I was fascinated to learn how exchanges work. As a trader, trading floors teach you many things. To be responsible, alert, gauge, and among other things, the exchanges need transactions to be a worthwhile business. And one of the way exchanges generate lot of transactions is speculation. While stock market strategists will advice against speculation and be an intelligent investor, the investors too make money due to speculatory nature of the trading in exchange.

This brings to the point that for a good personal learning, exchange is important. There needs to be a lot of talk around lot of subjects. This is not possible in any training program nor in a corporate environment (but it can change, though!!). Any official program is led with objective in mind. While informal learning platforms act as "learning medium exchange" with the only objective to leave the learning on individual capacities.

There is lot of content to source inspiration from. One reason why Social Media picks up is because we get to follow lot of blogs, follow lot of people's exchanges. Often it is quoted that the value from Twitter is a meagre percentage. But what is created is an exchange medium that you keep watching for your interested stocks (topics) and then benefit from it. While buying more and more, you let go (sell) of your previous beliefs, tutored cultures, and adapt to ways of the group which exchanges information.

Thus selling any learning platform or courses is easy. The difficult part is to enrich it with exchange of information and content that drives consumption at various levels. The Richness in Exchange is what a True Community bonds and held together in a platform.

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