Sunday, December 19, 2010

Learning ID Theories

This is my attempt to collect all links from where I gained the knowledge in a single archive. Help me build this collaboratively. It is easy.
1. Click the request invite button in the popplet. Once you have access code, register yourself and then click this Popplet link.
2. Add nodes and move them around.
3. No need to save. It auto saves and check back in the blog that your work is getting reflected.
4. In case of any issues, drop a note via comments and we will fix it together.

View the larger Learning Map here

1. Ensure copyrights are respected.
2. Give due credits to site owners for their originality.
3. This is an experiment. So, if any one found their site content copied without permission, notify me in comments section and I shall pull it down. Thanks!!

Disclaimer: I am a user of Popplet service, just like you. So any bugs, feedback on Popplet system should go to them directly.

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