Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Achieving Results

Where there is the right blend of tools (could be a process, people, product, intermediate outputs/raw materials), there is an easier way to achieve the results. Relying on alternatives and adjusting work styles to suit a tool  is one side of the equation. Creating and owning your own tools is the other better side. This has a far greater productive quotient for both you and achieving results with aplomb.

The tools that are part of the work "culture" and does not force limitations on styles of working, gets better and better with usage, observation and evolution. Thus, a sense of belonging, togetherness, and shared passion evolves in business and relationships alike with networks, community and ambassadors around the "tools". People who have converged on this one "tool", getting together and demonstrating more similar thoughts in other areas amplifies the network effects of spreading good words and work alike. Many from this one group could be related in more ways with other products, company, industry, social media, tools, etc.

When such communities get together to accomplish a result, the communities of practice become a self-sustaining organization breaking the barriers of time and space.

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