Monday, July 25, 2011

Develop support systems to build your core

If you want to be a great manager, you cannot acheive greatness by focussing on getting management theories right. Rather if you focus on another area that is your ally - either estimation, troubleshooting, solutioning, reporting, communication or coaching people and bring in management tasks to work with your key strength, the chances for management greatness is likely.

If you need to be a great parent, it doesn't matter if you give them what they want or support in every all the time. Rather working on making them get it with right means and helping them overcome themselves will make them remember you fondly. It does matter for them when the time is qualitative and there is an element of learnability for them. 

If you need to be a good developer, then it doesn't matter if you remember syntax and code and master programming languages and tools. You do get a chance towards greatness if you can develop business mapping to technology abilities and choose the right fit  and deliver them.

If you need to be a trainer, practicing platform speeches, stage manners, crowd controlling etiquettes and rigors of training elements will not get you good satisfaction scores. However, if you are a good listener and share how you learn and show keenness to listen genuinely, then more than the subjects that are taught, we will know the key takeaways better. We have experienced this with the teachers we like. The subjects come naturally to us because we like them and find them great.

If you want to be known as talent manager, it is not just hiring experts and spotting experience that will get you the name. Instead finding fresh talent and grooming them for future will get you the recognition.

In every sphere, it is not the core that should alone be the focus. If it becomes the sole focus, then you get to be the weakling. Imagine a manager who manages and delivers projects successfully but is a bully with team members and is narrow in looking at profits from client relationships, a parent who always controls the child to do exactly the way they wish to see them perform or supports all small excesses, a developer who cannot write or speak their understanding, or a coach who believes in speaking all the time. These are the problems of being excessive at core and forgetting to develop their own support systems. No wonder all of them are good at their work and we need them all the time. But from personal standpoint, there isn't much to gain.

The core needs support and development from the external systems to elevate the spirit of core. Concentrate on how you can build and develop the core with association of support to provide for all-rounded greatness.

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