Monday, December 5, 2011

Triadic Success: Why rule of 3 gives the maximum success

The impact of triadic success in our daily lives is something we cannot miss. The greatness of the rule is its simplicity. When we try to simplify a mantra/mission in 3 easy to remember phrases, it gives an immediate connection to comprehend, measure and communicate effectively.

The crux of the rule is the same as the spirit of the rule - "Be it an assignment or task or a desired result, make sure you split it into 3 distinct activities to complete it".  If any result is achieved because of a 3 steps process/procedure, the impact is bound to be great and the potential maximum.

Consider the following cases that elucidate the success of finishing a task as a set of 3 activities.

1. Managing a delivery/milestone -  Plan/Revise, Execute/Follow up,Communicate/Market are keys to get appreciation and satisfaction of a job well done.

2. Writing an email -  Draft/Read, Review/Act, Follow up with a call/confirm makes us sure there are no slip ups or errors in communication. Similarly for any communication it is important to use auxillary medium to reinforce the main message in the primary medium in which it was delivered.

3. Creating a storyboard - Ideate, Visualize, Doodle/Explain when done in 3 distinct phases results in a good output.

4. Writing a Blog - Ideate, Research/Draft, Revise/Publish gets you to do your writing exercise continous than leave it mid way and does not consume enormous efforts.

5. Travelling/Holiday - Evaluate options/deals :), bookings/arrangements, pre-checks/post-checks makes a travel or a holiday trip wonderful experience.

6. Writing a problem statement or a mission mantra - Try creating a group of familiar rhyming phrases (something like 3 R, 3A or 3S rules), it is bound to resonate better and easy to discuss without complicated charts/presentations.

7. Health and Time Management - Start on Time, Allocate Time for important duties, Execute them in the slotted time is what many time management experts speak and elucidate in various ways. In fact this is the best way that I practiced for Gym routine in my schooling days even during life-changing examinations. 

And list can go on.... Hope you get the picture.You may wish to identify and add Triadic rules in what ever you do with little thinking and efforts.The criticality of applying this rule in every work - personal, professional, social requires concious identification of its play. Have tried to compose this topic as to what is it in this power/group of 3 that is so magical yet elusive.Any better way you could help me rewrite the same post is welcome. :)

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