Sunday, August 5, 2012

Management by delegating control: Create, Remove and Monitor

Often managers make the mistake of using delegation as a play and drive the perception that it is an excuse from their work. My earlier experiences, some managers keep forwarding emails for action. Most often the thought then wanders to can't I do this myself if told so and deliver if I am given the background and the big picture. Why or what is the value I gain from this type of delegation. And lucky I have been, some good managers who were willing to tutelage me shared their behaviour to instill the real meaning of delegation.

If you are a new manager, or have been getting feedback about improving your managerial style, the table below could serve a ready reckoner as it has done to me. This served me as my style anchor when nuturing teams in my past experiences.

Channels of Access
Information Barriers
Listening Posts
Horizontal along with Vertical Alignments
Task Segmentation
New Offerrings
Old and Outdated Processes
Collaborative Value
Always Fire-fighting situations
Multiple Decision Makers with one Veto
Punishing People for taking decisions
Value System


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