Monday, October 1, 2012

Entertain your Market

If you are like me, managing small teams, being all for your customers without other departments attention, interfacing for sales, maintaining relationships across accounts, involved as a single point in sales and deliveries, this would be my advice to you.

Your market is made up of your own people, solutions they develop, clients who use them and competitors who have the equivalent of your solutions and want the same people and client. Thus the entertainment starts in making sure you keep your people, clients and increment or change the market to steer the competition far away behind. Even competition would love if you can create the entertainment that is enjoyable as playing catch up always gives excitement to stay the course.

Try to create the music that would make the constituents keep you company and this would benefit you to run your business as an independent offerring.

There are 2 currencies that can help you determine the entertainment levels.
1. Smile: Bring forth it and make it your companion in tough times of listening to an irate boss, customer or in tough negotiations. Your smile will get you a thaw point and that will bring you up steadily.

2. Thoughtfulness: Believe me, it doesn't cost much to be thoughtful and doing something worthwhile that will aid in keeping the constituency happy and satisfied. It is the little things that makes you the master entertainer in a crowded market place. Never replace it for processes, organization dynamics or short term gains.


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