Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It isn't what we do to gain trust that is difficult, but how we behave in a trust worthy environment  that determines our innate nature to trust others and be trusted.

Gaining trust starts with a constant scrutiny and an uneasy relationship that needs us to ignore loose ends, separate our judgments,  become blind and implicit to suspend any residual disbeliefs to start believing in self and others. Once we believe to trust, reinforcing the trust is built on a random sampling of behaviors from a heap of daily interactions, utterances, and perceptions.

Faking behaviors behind repute is unhealthy, misusing intellect is fraud, maneuvouring the vulnerability from a position of power is unpardonable, hiding behind a facade is deceit and any of this leads to disillusionment. Least of all it irrevocably breaks the beholden cradle of trust with lethal consequences. 

Keeping the trust then, needs to become the second nature of our existence. Being natural as to who we are and behaving consistently to our true self, drives better results in any sampling tests. "Just this time" or "Only in this situation" or "Not twice but just once" is a behavior that has been cruel to many lives.

[Ruminations based on recent cases and statistics that all news avenues mince daily]

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