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    Sunday, December 8, 2013

    Velocity is the biggest Motivator

    By reading and trying to adopt lean, I realized that the purpose of targets should be to drive velocity than to cut corners to reach the destination.
    Treating target as an absolute figure to either shoot or scoot defeats the purpose. Year on Year there are bound to be hits or misses. What matters is whether the trajectory leads to hope or despair. Chasing a target is exhilarating for sure, but the risks of burn-outs abound. Inching closer with sure steps will help us enjoy the chase at a relaxed pace. Abandoning it after initial enthusiasm and not seeing through demoralizes inner self.

    Choosing velocity calibrates the path, make us take informed decisions based on the business and economic conditions. Velocity keeps us engaged with the present, the work at hand, being "in" the role, continously expanding our learning, stretching our horizons as we take confident strides and be better at it with each passing step. 

    Consider velocity as a target metric than an end state result that fades to transience and a new one comes in its place.


    1. The concept of velocity has two meanings - one as Speed and another referring to the rate of change of position of a point per unit of time. The second meaning becomes applicable with reference to completion of projects. Hence, it becomes essential to measure the velocity adopted at every stage lest one may land up in dire straits as and when the targeted date for completion is nearing. Depending on the velocity measured at a given point of time the velocity may be increased or decreased. In this sense velocity will act as a trigger and as a motivating factor. But relying on velocity as a motivating factor alone one should not procrastinate or prolong the completion of the project beyond a particular point of time.


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