Thursday, February 28, 2008

The best Marketing Tool - Projects

Our main source of business is repeat orders. The nature of our work is to develop e-Learning courses. In India, this is a commodity service with lots of competition having similar offerings and at various price points.

When clients stick to a vendor, there is more to deliveries that would be required to bag the repeat order. One major area is "comfort" factor. So far, I believe the "comfort" offered by us is timeliness, quality(many deliveries are deemed accepted on delivery), support and thought alignment (more on this later). leading to trust and desire to continue with us when more projects are available.

As with marketing tools, projects enhances "recall" value of a service, and gains the mind share for future business prospects. This leads the customers to classify you as a chosen vendor in one area (in our case e-Learning) while an allied service that is offered by my company still requires a complete sales cycle.

This being the case, project managers do create a brand identity of their own and of the company through project execution.

Isn't projects the best marketing tool and project teams the best marketing team for a company ?

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