Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The price of Risk and wrong Risk

Taking execution risks is essential to our work model and sustain us as a core small enthusiastic group.

Risk related cases which are keys to our sustenance are:
1. Moving a team of 11 from using XML small time on a project to making it the primary core requirement of every design and delivery project.

2. Creating a seemingly simple system that plays the role of a mini learning management system- Enable registration, enrollment, scheduling and tracking reports of user assessments was conceived and planned in a car drive and executed in next one week.

3. Re-tuning a proven production process to achieve an initial imaginary 40% reduction in efforts through various tools that automate manual production work and achieving upto the trend.

4. Committing to deadlines in a R&D project is always a best probability risk game with unknown variables surfacing as result of own karma.

While these risks seemed foolish, the team I work with brought their implicit grit to the fore.

When risks meet success there is all round exhilaration of a visionary mission accomplished which will be short lived.

Taking risks for granted provides the wisdom not achieved when risks meet success.

Wisdom Nuggets:
1. Never work in a "rented" project. "Own" it. It is easy and better.
2. Draw your own periphery. Better still REMEMBER your circle WELL.
3. Technology unknown is better. No communication log is scary.
4. In a "rented" project, always ask the owner to document , document, document every time. In a "Own" project, self document your work.

The price of a wrong risk is always dissatisfaction, loss of opportunities, and disproportionate amount of wasted effort.

Are you taking risks for granted ?

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