Monday, February 18, 2008

Dont Stack them Up

Well!! We have heard it many times over, but it begs to be repeated again and again.
Deplete your "task stack" starting from simple to complex in equal priority items.

Case Study:
Two varied skills are required to get a deliverable into the projectStand.
First is a graphic design skill and other is programming skill in a specialized language.

As with "routine" projects, both the skills need to be utilized in the same day to complete the deliverable.

Using traditional method, deliverables were to be created and received in a staggered manner so that both skills were optimally focusing on one task and time is utilized effectively.
A "task stack" was created for both the skills with receiving filters and priorities assigned.

Without abnormality, the top task in the stack had problem that was taking disproportionate time. Spending time again and again on the same issue resulted in no task getting completed in the first design resource task stack.

Would not the projectStand to gain if the task stack gets depleted with other activities that are simple to be delivered leaving one task to solve?

Is it in human mind that shift of attention to a simpler task is more complex than solving a complex issue?

What would be your solution?

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