Saturday, December 6, 2008

e-Learning companies slug fest

Many of us know that e-Learning professionals in India are connected in a small circle and have got friends in almost all companies. Most of us must have switched between few known specialist companies that we know what projects each company has and works with and the client names. The stamp of past employer style of working can be seen in the output generated, as our style and the company style is more or less merged with the years put in individual organizations. The article though seems to go beyond this one.

Competition is good, and winning is necessary in business. However, it is harmful when employers are beaten hands down with their own work and their own strategy by their own alumni, just that implementation is quicker outside the organization, it originated.

However, when I move to a new organization and I know that my past employers are involved in competition, I would subconciously provide information, that can offer better price points, solutions, and methods to win account. But these go with assumptions based on similar past experiences in these organizations. Does this too constitute unfair competition?

Thinking about it to convince myself with the hypothesis that I feel is right.

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