Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Security, Sensitivity, Accountability

Joining chorus with the angry sentiments post Mumbai Taj attack, what would we want our leader class to do?

Roti, Kapda, Makaan have become eternal falsification and sadistic satisfaction realized by elected candidates in stating it election after election. It is a classic case of vision misused and directed way wards for self upliftment at cost of believers. Because winning is proportionate to muscle, money, fear, and closed group  than genuine one by one conscious vote. Does not mean you don't vote. One by one, day by day, it will become the most potent force. Don't you read reports, where ruling class always gets jittery when voter turn out is high?

Looking back all these years, it is clear that the vision now needs change.The same slogan will win many more elections - true, but it is flogging a dead sheep. You will still get wool as much as sheep has.

Recent incidents prove Roti, Kapda, Makaan can all vanish in a moment, however hard you get it. 

What I really need is Security, Sensitivity, Dignity, Accountability from the people seeking votes

Security: Sorely lacking without people, equipments, infrastructure, collaboration. Can any leader have a bolder vision to outline the security strategy for every person in the country. By default, the discussion moves towards their salary and lacunae than creating a vision to eliminate them. Sadly, police force and their families are a solid vote bank lot and hence they too are part of roti, kapda, makaan promise that can be eternally milked by promising them police reforms.

Sensitivity: Can we elect politicians and parties containing such people, who can  be sensible enough to keep quiet and do something along with public than give sound bytes to media. It is good that at least these politicians who mouthed insensitively are asked to resign. Since lack of work experience will be eternal and as a country, we have tolerated them enough and will continue to do so, but lack of sensitivity will spell doom for us all. Does not a political party have such people in every ward, town, city, state whom we can choose?

Dignity: I was listening to ministers and media manager politician speeches to public. Couldn't feel more pungent anytime so far in life.

Cant we have more dignity in "suffering management". Is it more to ask from the very people, we accept to be a minister without asking them for their credential and aim to be accomplished on job?.Cant there be emotional support, psychology counseling centers, medical relief camps, mandatory education admissions in private schools, bonding care by asking corporate's to spend their employees time with people affected directly and indirectly in the calamity? 

When the nation is watching with angst, Can you please NOT READ a prepared speech. Why insult us with a speech which you cant think on your own. WHY CANT YOU SPEAK FROM YOUR HEART ? Why cant you connect? Your own security cordon has a family. They can mouth what people think. All it takes is to ASK them.

Accountability: Only when you do some work, can you be audited, made accountable. Maintaining a clean image, doing nothing seems to be catching fad among our political class. Can the real leader stand up to be made accountable for actions and be fearless in taking action? Rajiv Gandhi ji was fearless when he brought Bofors guns for army, Vajpayee ji was bold when he announced golden quadilateral. They stood scrutiny. They understood accountability for WORK.

Searching for such people still should come from political class. It is easy to say, we must do something. Yes, but when organizations are there (read political parties) to do what we expect, it is their responsibility to come up to expectations and if not, just as business go bust, they too should be de-recognized.

Can the audacious leader become our Shahenshah.

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