Thursday, May 7, 2009

Perfection paralysis

“Perfection paralysis” is expensive. More than cost, it is time and opportunity, that once missed never present themselves again.

Sometimes it is not worth the effort to make things “perfect.” Take a look at time costs involved and weigh these against the benefit of perfection. Always, second best in operation is better than first best on the drawing board.

How much ever I have said, this is one point, that I have not been able to convince my team. May be, I never had a story to drive my point on this one.

We have been eternally working on the perfect communication logo, perfect out-of-world site, perfect phrases in communication, that is still iterated, scrapped and reinvented.

Today, after much coaxing, we have launched our work in progress site to a focus group. It is now nowhere near the perfection aimed at start. However, I sense the pride that at-last, the team has broke its shell and courageous enough to test with what is considered v1.0.

Lofty ideals, need hardships, practice and courage to achieve their eternal perfect state. Sensing hardships and trying to workaround practice and courage, never gets you out of paralysis stage.

You have something to share and sooner you get to the market is the best survival tactic.

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